How a Store’s Layout Can Influence Consumer Behaviours

The layout of a brick-and-mortar store is never just for aesthetics—there are also practical aspects that go with it. It can influence how consumers move around your store, and it also has implications for their shopping behaviours. It also has a profound effect on their customers’ experiences, and consequently, their sales.

Even if the business owner is comfortable with the store’s design, the feeling may not be the same for the consumers. They come to the premises with a goal in mind, and if the layout is less than welcoming, they may not be enticed enough to make a purchase. In fact, they may never visit again—not an ideal outcome.

How Can the Store’s Layout Influence Customers?

The overall “feel” of a store lies mainly in its design, and it influences your customers’ experience in the establishment. Here are some ways the layout can affect their behaviours:

1 – Customers Crave Convenience Above All Else

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone craves convenience above all else. Your store’s layout influences the flow of traffic within the establishment, so it’s best to renovate your space in such a way that it optimizes how customers and staff move around. Make sure that there’s enough space so that people don’t crowd in certain areas.

2 – Product Placement Entices Customers

Proper placement of your products can influence sales in many ways. It’s helpful to place complementary items in proximity to entice customers to buy them together. In doing so, you’ll be provoking additional sales. However, you can also encourage people to look around for longer if you place staple items at opposite ends of the aisle.

It’s also best to use negative space wisely to promote visibility when it comes to high-value items. Placing them along a long row of products can make them easy to miss, so it will be more effective to provide visual breaks and highlight what you want customers to buy. Placing them at eye level or in individual displays can also be productive.

3 – Ambience Matters

Your store’s ambience makes customers want to stay and look around for longer. They need to feel that your store is welcoming and worth visiting again, so you’ll need a friendly design that appeals to your audience.

4 – Long Queues Are Off-Putting

If your store’s layout only allows for one or two long queues, customers may be put off by the wait times and the sizable lines. Restructuring your cash wrap and enabling more queues can provide your patrons with shorter wait times and a better shopping experience. Although you may need to hire another cashier to accommodate the new setup, it’s a worthy investment for better customer satisfaction and retention.

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Your store’s layout should go beyond the superficial. It must also cater to the needs of your customers. The establishment’s design has a profound effect on how customers act and feel while they’re on the premises, and it consequently impacts your sales and success. It’s best to renovate your space with convenience, optimal product placement, and exquisite ambience in mind.

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